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Thursday, 5th of June 2014


founded by Georgia Kotretsos & Natascha Papadopoulou


in collaboration with COLLABORATION_project
Beate Engl, Leonie Felle, Sandra Filic, Franka Kaßner, Anton Bosnjak, Max Geuter, Philipp Messner, Alexander Steig and Thomas Thiede

Performance by WWT
Thursday 5th of June 2014, 11 am – 6 pm
Karlsplatz (between Karlstor und fountain), Munich

Lecture by WWT
Tuesday, 3rd of June 2014, 7 pm

kunstraum muenchen
Holzstrasse 10
80469 Munich
t +49 (0)89 54379900.
f +49 (0)89 54379902

WOMEN WITH TALENTS (WWT) – is an art collective founded by Athens-based artists, Georgia Kotretsos and Natasha Papadopoulou in the Fall of 2013. WWT was formed out of the founding members’ need for camaraderie among female artists through the creation of a network in the Balkans and the wider Mediterranean including the Southern Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East that is active and in dialogue with the rest of the world. Female artists may join WWT or collaborate with or propose projects to the founding members.

SPRING CLEANING is the collective's first public performance initially conceptualized for Syntagma Square (Constitution Square) in Athens, Greece. The inaugural performance took place in Rabat's city center, right on Mohammed V Avenue in collaboration with Rabati artist, Touda Bouanani on January 11th from 9h30 - 17h30. SPRING CLEANING is an editorial gesture that wishes to erase, to wipe off, to cleanse instead of adding on to the public sphere. It is an effort to re-introduce space and surface, in hope to excavate the recent past.

This time at Karlsplatz in Munich on June 5th WOMEN WITH TALENTS will join forces with COLLABORATION_8 (Anton Bosnjak, Beate Engl, Leonie Felle, Sandra Filic, Maximilian Geuter, Franka Kassner, Philipp Messner, Alexander Steig, Thomas Thiede) for the realization of FRÜHJAHRSPUTZ.

Coordination: Beate Engl

Starting to clean in the morning time...

The Women With Talents and the assisting men.

It is done and readable.

The words are almost gone after a couple of weeks...

LECTURE by WWT at kuntsraum muenchen, 03.06.2014


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